Suppliers supporting essential sanitiser manufacturing

Fragranced products are used to clean and disinfect homes, hospitals, food processing plants, and a myriad of industrial and commercial settings every day. Production is especially critical now to meet the sudden increased consumer and retail demand.

Fragrance masks odours in cleaning products that would otherwise carry unpleasant smells that can render products unusable. Pleasant aromas encourage the use of cleaning and sanitising products—a critical public health need. When dealing with invisible pathogens, people know surfaces, hands, and spaces are clean based on how they smell.

Orchidia Fragrances, a fragrance manufacturer based in Downers Grove, Illinois is doing its part to keep the supply chain intact. The company is functioning at full capacity by instituting an operational and sanitation response plan that is reviewed and updated daily based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), federal, state, and local health experts and in accordance with industry best practices. Executive Vice President, Ross Sprovieri, encouraged employees to reflect on their role in the supply chain. “I sincerely believe in our company’s obligation and role as an essential business and we’re committed to fulfilling this obligation without compromising the safety and wellbeing of our employees.”