Following green chemistry principles

Because consumers have become more concerned about health and wellness, they continue to demand ‘greener’ alternatives when it comes to beauty and personal care products.

Personal care products that do not harm their skin, nor the environment or society; as well as products that are natural, traceable and free from genetically modified ingredients.


Despite the future looking promising for the cosmetics and personal care sector, the industry still faces challenges and obstacles regarding environmental sustainability and ethical production, green formulations, eco-friendly packaging, transparency and traceability, water management.

The guiding principles of Mamta Polycoats are: promoting the use of organic ingredients; using manufacturing processes that are environmentally safe; and abiding by the guidelines of ‘Green Chemistry’. The company manufactures and supplies a range of products like triethyl citrate (TEC) and tributyl citrate to the cosmetic industry based on extraction and purification performed in line with the principles of ‘Green Chemistry’.