Going beyond formulation creation

Many of the larger personal care manufacturers have fully equipped laboratories. Azelis makes a difference especially for the small and medium-size customers by giving them access to formulation and testing expertise that they often do not have in-house.

The tests and collection of technical data is done by Azelis’ laboratory professionals who all have previous experience as formulators. With this experience, customers can be helped in the full development cycle from product development to the commercial launch of the product. 

Through in-house scientific studies, Azelis has developed a deep understanding of formulations and the role which their raw materials play in the creation of the final formulation. In some cases, this allows them to take a very broad and fresh look at technology and applications. Through this, they have for example been able to show that a specific hair styling polymer has unique properties as a thickener for hydrogels. This finding has helped customers to formulate a new generation of transparent gel systems with a superior and silky skin-feel.  The innovation power of Azelis’s global laboratories has been recognised with a number of innovation awards over the past years. 

The work for personal care formulators has dramatically changed over the past years as they are under constant pressure to reduce the product development cycles and launch products into market quicker . This is why Azelis’ formulations are stability tested and focus on trends and market needs, enabling customers to make minor adjustments and bring these products to market successfully in a reduced time.