Expansion in South Africa

Barentz International is continuing its expansion in South Africa. The company has announced its joint venture with SK Chemtrade Services, a leading supplier of high-quality raw materials to the life sciences industries in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Commenting on this announcement, Mark Ferrao, managing director of SK Chemtrade said: "As a strong strategic partner based in Europe, Barentz is an excellent fit. Both of our companies have the same ethos: delivering high-quality products and offering technical support whenever required, with an enthusiastic approach to product development."

For Barentz, this new collaboration is a logical next step. As noted by Barentz’ CEO Hidde van der Wal: "Because SK Chemtrade and Barentz are both active in the rapidly growing life sciences
industry, we are naturally cut out to be partners. As a joint venture partner in SK Chemtrade, we will have much quicker access to the market in Southern Africa. SK Chemtrade is well-known and wellmanaged and has a strong reputation. This partnership will provide a solid base for creating robust business opportunities in South Africa and its neighbouring countries."

Both companies value their application labs. Van der Wal explains: "At Barentz, we already have a
global network of application labs. With the new SK Chemtrade product-development laboratory,
we will be able to create synergies and value for all of our customers."

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