New creative centre opened

CPL Aromas has opened its new Creative Centre in Paris. The new centre, in Suresnes, is double the size of CPL France's previous centre and offers new facilities to support the division's creative perfumery team. These new facilities include a state-of-the-art evaluation suite, a new lab and flexible work space.

The new centre has also been ergonomically designed so that the product marketing team, evaluators and perfumers can easily work more collaboratively on projects with increased flexibility to share creative ideas.

Olivier du Boisbaudry, general manager of CPL France has said of the move: "The reality has mirrored our initial intention - we have excellent new facilities to support our local and global customers as well as collaborative space to support our global perfumery team."

Senior creative perfumer Dominique Preyssas added: "It's a really dynamic working environment with views overlooking the Seine, both of which are great for inspiring new fragrance ideas."