A new all-natural, COSMOS-certified alternative preservative

At in-cosmetics this year Cosphatec launched an innovative replacement for listed preservatives; a new all-natural, COSMOS-certified alternative preservative - Cosphaderm Sodium LAAS.

The blend consisting of Sodium Levulinate and Sodium Anisate is a multifunctional with convincing benefits. The most interesting property is the strong antimicrobial efficiency against bacteria, yeasts and moulds. With only 1 % Cosphaderm Sodium LAAS, formulators can replace listed preservatives in all kinds of cosmetic formulations. Furthermore, the advantages are the skin emollience, perfuming or masking effect as well as its high water-solubility, odour- and colourlessness. With a new production process Cosphatec managed to use well-proven ingredients but avoid high concentration necessity, separation risks and high transportation or storage costs. Hence, Cosphaderm Sodium LAAS is a user- and eco-friendly antimicrobial system. 


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