Host of new companies set for Seoul

The organisers behind this year’s in-cosmetics Korea have announced details of the brand-new exhibitor line-up for 2019. The companies, comprising a mixture of innovative Korean newcomers and international players, are expected to cause a major stir when they come together at the Coex Exhibition Centre in Seoul from 26-28 June 2019.

South Korea has long borne all the hallmarks of being a significant cosmetic influencer in the global beauty sphere. According to Mintel, the country ranks among the top 10 international markets and is expected to hit $13.1 billion by 2020. Not only that, it is estimated that Korean beauty technology is 12 to 14 years ahead of its main rival, the US, while Korean women spend twice as much as their American counterparts on makeup and beauty products. 

Beauty, it seems, has quickly become one of the nation’s biggest businesses and is now a major export area. Much of this success is down to the abundance of new product development, particularly in facial skincare. Fast-paced, cutting-edge innovations and highly engaged consumers mean Korea has become an indomitable beauty powerhouse, raising the bar for the industry the world over. 

‘Where Korea leads, global beauty companies follow,’ said Anna Wang from Deloitte, and that certainly looks to be the case at this year’s in-cosmetics Korea exhibition, with the Coex Exhibition Centre in Seoul expected to be a hotbed of the sector’s latest innovations.

New exhibitors making their debut at the show 
Among them will be over 50 companies that have never been present at the event before, with many coming from countries outside South Korea, including Chile, France, Mexico, Peru, China and the USA. Laboratoire Expanscience, a pharmaceutical & dermo-cosmetics laboratory from France will be showcasing its osteoarthritis & skincare products, while Granasur, a company offering high quality natural, organic and refined products including specialty oils for cosmetics and the nutraceutical industry will be exhibiting at the event for the first time with its rosehip oil, Chilean hazelnut oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, borage oil and oils derived from berry seeds; they will be joined by California-based Blue diamond Almonds, with its 100% pure sweet almond oil, and Mexialoe Laboratorios S.A. De C.V, who will be showcasing its highest quality Organic Aloe Vera to name a few companies. 

Coming from South Korea itself will be ASTech, a specialist researcher into new drug development, fine chemicals and raw materials for cosmetics. The company supplies the world’s first oral dry eye syndrome treatment and therapeutic agents for the improvement of atherosclerotic symptoms; Duckjin Corporation which specialises in ‘hexagonal plate-shaped zinc oxide of high aspect ratio’ for protecting against UV, NIR (near infrared radiation) and blue light as well as supporting antibacterial solutions, while Goldleben Inc. will showcase its Antlight Series, an inorganic UV protector coated with mineral substances, which reflect and distract UV light at the surface of our skin. 

Also exhibiting from South Korea will be Iwase Cosfa who deals with raw material development, material suggestions and nutritional supplements. The company’s range comprises iron oxide, particulated titanium dioxide, Ag-P Water (patented materials for low irritation, anti-microbial and anti-pollution) as well as technical support for hydrogel and film formulation. JLand Biotech’s Reallagen collagen is wholly derived from Pichia engineering yeast using the company’s patented high-density fermentation and highly efficient separation and purification process. The process produces a non-allergic high-performance vegan-accredited collagen with 200 times the performance levels of animal-sourced collagen. Neo Chem Korea develops and manufactures customised raw materials, focusing mainly on foundation and colour product raw materials. Major products include PMMA, PMSQ, hybrid powder, special coating and natural preservative. 

Major players make a comeback
But it’s not just new exhibitors who will be attracting attention at this year’s event. 
in-cosmetics Korea will also welcome back a number of companies who have previously exhibited at the event to great acclaim. Many of the industry’s key players – from Korea and overseas – will showcase their latest developments to an audience of over 7,000 cosmetic manufacturers, R&D representatives and regulatory professionals. 

Those from Korea include ActivOn, with its high quality and odourless diols, and KCC Corporation, which will showcase its exciting range of silicone raw materials for personal care brands. Additionally, SK Bioland CQV – an established manufacturer and supplier specialising in active ingredients – will demonstrate botanical extracts, fermentation and synthetic products, while Sunjin Beauty Science (formerly Sunjin Chemical) will present its latest UV filters, pigments, scrubbing agents and micro beads.

in-cosmetics Korea will also see a number of large international businesses return to exhibit in 2019. These include Dow, with its innovative technologies and formulation solutions which serve a wide range of applications across home and personal care markets from skin to haircare and beyond and Nouryon (formerly Akzonobel Specialty Chemicals), a major producer of specialty chemicals, supplying industries with sustainable products worldwide. The company’s range of aesthetic modifiers, conditioning agents, rheology modifiers, film-formers, cleansing agents, emulsifiers and active ingredients provide easy-to-use solutions for formulating innovative and more sustainable products; 

Seppic Beauty Care will also be returning with its wide range of specialty excipients and active ingredients plus expertise in four key technologies: Polymer Science, Plant-based Chemistry, Marine Biotechnologies and Botanical Extraction. The company will be joined by other leading players including Evonik, Rahn AG, DKSH and Lonza to name a few.