Diverse portfolio highlighted in Paris

The Lubrizol Corporation announced their Personal Care team's participation at Cosmet’Agora in Paris, France January 15-16. Attendees visiting stand 147-148 will have the opportunity to explore the diversity of the Lubrizol portfolio, showcasing new products and concepts.

In addition, the company will be showcasing its Compass sustainability strategy and value proposition, developed around Lubrizol’s expertise and integrated approach, empowering their partners to innovate and thrive.

Personal Care is featuring the following new products in Skin Care and Hair Care:
In Skin Care, Oilkemia 5S polymer, a multifunctional oil-soluble rheology modifier celebrated for its ability to create diverse forms and maximise visuals in oil systems.

The latest developments from Lipotec Active Ingredients will also be presented. In the field of microbiota, Fensebiome peptide, developed to strengthen the skin of people exposed to urban environments, who are more prone to suffer from skin sensitivity due to alterations in the skin microbiota and epidermal barrier. This new active ingredient has recently been honoured in Brazil with the ITEHPEC Innovation Gold Award.

Actismart botanical extracts, a selection of unique botanicals from around the world prized for their beauty-enhancing, spiritual and natural benefits. And Lumicease blue ingredient, a biotechnological ingredient intended to prevent photoaging by offering the skin triple protection against UV, infra-red and blue light radiations, improving its response to light. At Lubrizol’s booth, discover how these various types of light radiation affect the skin.

In Hair Care, Fixate Keratin a thermal-activated two-component system that reconstructs the hair from the inside into perfectly smooth and healthy hair, for more than 10 washes, validated by salon tests on different hair types.

Lubrizol and Lipotec are promoting three new concepts for beauty and personal care applications, offering customers high quality products aligned with industry trends:

Expect the Unexpected: A concept engaging the millennial generation while satisfying their multiple contradictions. The seven featured formulations will help take care of their skin and hair with a fun game of textures.

A Good Start: Lifestyle, diet and environmental pollution impact the health of skin, scalp and hair. Lubrizol has five formulations designed to improve the health of scalp and hair, target moisturisation, and nourish or exfoliate, while improving the look and feel of the hair.

Wash Forward: Break the rules and follow the path of indie brands, who are among the fastest growing brands on the market. Capture consumers’ attention by combining a fresh perspective with unique textures and benefits. Discover five cleansing formulations that combine convenience, hybridity, well-being and sustainability.

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