Ease the stress on urban skin with DSM’s hydration artist!

DSM’s revolutionary facial colour mapping allows consumers to see for themselves how the natural moisture magnet PENTAVITIN® directs hydration to where it is needed. Life in a metropolis can be exhilarating, so it’s no wonder that the proportion of city dwellers in the world continues to grow, from 54% in 2015 to a predicted 66% by 2055? But increasing urbanization also means more air pollution, more time spent in air-conditioned environments and often a hectic lifestyle. It’s easy to understand how skin can become dull and excessively dry.

Recent studies reveal that 56% of British women believe they need to protect their skin from pollution  while 45% of Spanish consumers would like more information.  In 2008, a multi-centre study  confirmed that high air pollution levels do indeed negatively impact the skin’s natural hydration. And qualitative research in the USA found that concern about the effects of pollution and stress on the skin has a significant effect on mental equilibrium, as feeling that the skin is vulnerable leaves people feeling emotionally vulnerable too.

Facial colour mapping makes hydration visible

There is clearly a demand for targeted solutions for urban skin. DSM’s revolutionary facial colour mapping technology offers an excellent way to visualise the success of hydration measures. It highlights skin areas with special hydration needs and demonstrates the efficacy of moisturizers like PENTAVITIN® to boost hydration. 

Facial colour mapping confirms the power of PENTAVITIN® to provide instant relief and hydration power in the long-term to urban skin

DSM’s moisture magnet PENTAVITIN® has been shown to strengthen the skin’s natural defenses, preventing further dehydration, and boosting the skin’s own hydration power. It connects perfectly with the skin’s surface layers and does not wash off.

A facial colour mapping study conducted by DSM in a highly polluted city demonstrated that just three hours after a single application of PENTAVITIN® excessively dry skin areas were already much better hydrated. When used twice a day over a 28-day period, all facial areas were seen to benefit from hydration power.

As well as being scientifically proven, PENTAVITIN® is 100% natural, plant-derived, preservative-free and halal certified. It brings tired, dry skin back to life in the long and short term, giving consumers a confidence boost and putting a smile on their faces.

More about PENTAVITIN® here.

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