Skincare in Asia Pacific: Key trends and opportunities, by Sunny Um, Research Analyst at Euromonitor

Ahead of the in-cosmetics Asia show next week in bangkok, Personal Care spoke with Sunny Um of Euromonitor International to find out more about the latest movements in Asian trends.

PC: What have been the big trends in skin care over the past 12 months?
SU: Face masks registered the fastest growth among all skincare products in Asia at 13% as of 2016. Mass skin brands launched face masks in a variety of formats such as tissue sheet, gel mask, rubber mask, no wash-off and clay, enabling consumers to enjoy the ‘spa experience’ at home at cheap prices. The “one face mask a day” mantra was a growing trend in Asia, particularly in countries like China, Hong Kong and Singapore, where the K-beauty influence is big – Korean celebrities often mention this as part of their daily skincare regime. As such, face mask usage is increasingly settling as a daily routine in Asia, unlike before when it was a weekly ritual. 

PC: Can you identify any potential new growth areas to look out for over the next year? In what ways are the big finished product companies capitalising on these trends? Do any of the trends seem to have particularly strong potential for expansion (global reach etc?)
SU: Genderless skincare products (e.g. face mask, sunblock and facial mist) are expected to continue rising in popularity. Beauty companies are actively hiring male celebrity models for their female skincare products, such as Chinese actor/singer Luhan who is working with Lancôme’s sunblock, and K-pop boyband Wanna One which promotes Innisfree’s face mask. Such marketing is blurring the boundary between female and male skincare, resulting in more male consumers buying female skincare products. 

‘Genderless’ is a prevalent trend in the global beauty scene. International global cosmetics brands Cover Girl and Maybelline have both recruited male beauty vloggers James Charles and Manny Gutierrez for brand campaigns respectively. While such initiatives are more visible in colour cosmetics, it is proof that men are becoming less shy about experimenting with women’s beauty products. 

‘Personalisation’ is another skincare trend whereby customised-formulation products are becoming more widely spread, fulfilling consumers’ desire for an exclusive experience. Custom Serum by Skin’s My Water Bank Cream (manufactured by Laneige) and ReMede by CNP (manufactured by LG Household & Healthcare) are among such products, all of which are created through in-depth consultation with customers and bespoke formulation. 

Personalisation is already a global megatrend in skincare, with Kiehl’s offering an Apothecary Preparations programme for customised skincare products and BareMinerals launching Mix.Exfoliate.Smooth – skin-exfoliating grains that can be added to any cleanser per a user’s need. 

Sunny Um will be presenting in the Marketing Trends Theatre at in-cosmetics Asia, which takes place from 31 October – 2 November 2017 in Bangkok. Her presentation, entitled Skincare in Asia Pacific: Key trends and opportunities will uncover key drivers behind Asia’s dominant position in the world’s skin care industry, discussing regional trends, opportunities and the future outlook. For further information or to register to attend, visit


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