Whitening ingredient gets approval

The Chinese State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) has approved Symrise’s SymWhite 377 as an ingredient for cosmetic applications.

 Thanks to the SFDA approval of SymWhite 377, Symrise now offers its successful and potent solution for brighter skin also for the Chinese market. SymWhite 377 has an excellent safety profile and provides visible effects in less than 14 days. SymWhite 377 can improve the appearance of dull complexions, can promote clarity and brightness, and provide a beautiful, uniform skin tone. Further, it can also diminish the appearance of dark facial hair. As a powerful anti-oxidant it delivers an added functional value. SymWhite 377 can be used in a wide range of cosmetic applications such as face creams, BB creams, anti-dark spot cream for hands, post depilatory cream (‘bikini cream’) and deodorant. SymWhite 377 (INCI: Phenylethyl Resorcinol) is inspired from pinosylvin, a natural skin brightening compound occurring in pine. It was synthesised and screened for tyrosinase inhibitory activity as well as for antioxidant efficacy. In many in vitro tests SymWhite 377 was the most potent ingredient among all the compounds investigated. The tests also showed that the effect of SymWhite 377 was not due to cytotoxicity. Additionally it exhibits very potent antioxidant activity. An ex vivo study using human full-thickness skin explants was used to evaluate the efficacy of SymWhite 377 in a more relevant situation and showed a significant improvement after 6 days. Finally, a clinical study with Asian subjects proved that 0.5% SymWhite 377 is a more effective solution for brighter skin than 1.0 % kojic acid.


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