Dr. Straetmans to launch two new ingredients

Dr. Straetmans GmbH will launch a natural deodorant active and W/O-emulsifier with unique skin feel, at in-cosmetics Asia 2012.

dermosoft decalact deo is the first certified natural deodorant active that shows a clinically proven 24-hour deodorant effect. The assessment was performed in a clinical study, with 20 individuals evaluated by an expert panel under controlled conditions. The test was performed and compared to the well known, petrochemically-derived, ethylhexylglycerine as a benchmark. The duration of the deodorant formulation was evaluated after single use and after one week of daily use. In both cases dermosoft decalact deo showed 24-hour deodorant effect, which was superior to ethylhexylglycerine with only six hours duration.

Also due to launch is dermofeel GO soft, a natural food-approved emulsifier for W/O formulations. In general, W/O concepts are frequently used for sun care and baby products, as well as for intensive skin care, mature skin and protective concepts. However, water-in-oil products are not very popular for their sensorial profile. The rich and caring concepts are generally perceived as heavy and greasy on the skin by the consumer.

dermofeel GO soft is a versatile W/O emulsifier with a unique skin feel. It converts water-in-oil creams into soft and pleasant formulations that are easily applied to the skin. The heavy sensorial profile of W/O formulations that gives them an old-fashioned touch will soon belong to the past. The additional benefits of dermofeel GO soft are that it is economic in use and the concentration required is very low.