Biopolymer for hair styling and care applications

Asensa NFF 11 is a new biopolymer corn starch-based ingredient that Honeywell says sets a new standard in hair styling and other caring applications. It has been certified by the Natural Products Association in the United States and the European version the Asensa NFF 11E has been Ecocert certified.

The registered brand, Asensa, is Honeywell’s commitment to its customers that these products comply with personal care requirements and legislation.

Honeywell Asensa polymeric rheology modifiers provide structure to lipid phases and thus increase viscosity and formulation stability.  The company offers synthetic polymer film-formers that add permanency, moisture retention, and water resistance to formulations. 

Our Asensa micronised products (some as small in size as 3 micron) function as powder enhancers, providing a more luxurious feel to cosmetics and lotions.  These multifunctional powders reduce or eliminate the need for oil binders in press powders.

Asensa exfoliating beads are available in a large variety of sizes and morphology that provide consistent quality and reliability for formulations. 

The Asensa DS line of zeolites helps eliminate unwanted odours from raw materials or provides a pleasant warming sensation during use.  The new evaporative cooling agent is going to change the way consumers think about heat relief.

Honeywell can draw upon decades of manufacturing and development experience to bring formulators a diverse array of compositions and properties that meet virtually any application requirements they may have. The company’s global sales and technical teams can help you wherever you do business. By choosing Honeywell Asensa, formulators can be confident that they will receive high-quality service, high-quality products and technical expertise to solve the toughest challenges.