Premium Shave Cream

This premium shave cream is a chassis for many possible shaving and grooming formulations. It is ideal for shaving legs, face, and sensitive areas. It can be used in an aerosol foam, cream, or gel format. This cream resembles popular shaving products in the EU and other countries with high environmental concerns, avoiding the use of volatile organic compounds such as those produced by aerosols. The emollient Phase, featuring Floraesters 30, provides slip and re-fatting of the skin during and after the delipidization that commonly occurs when dragging a blade across the skin surface. The weight of the residual after-feel can be modified by adjusting the amount of whichever emollient you choose to use. For example, replacing 1% of Floraesters 30 with 1% Moringa Butter provides a much richer after-feel.

The product also includes a unique moisturizing system combining Floraesters K-100 Jojoba with glycerin for fast and persistent moisturization, while soothing possible redness from shave irritation. Slip, conditioning, and final viscosity can be modified by changing the amount of Celquat SC- 230M. The product, despite it's richness, rinses off the blades quickly with a small amount of warm water. Lastly, a thixotropic viscosity profile allows for easier mechanical filling and a more stable cream in the finished product.
Deionized WaterWater---q.s
Celquat® SC-230MPolyquaternium-10AkzoNobel Chemicals 0.30
Veegum® HVMagnesium Aluminum SilicateVanderbilt Minerals, LLC 0.40
Versene® 220 Crystals Chelating AgentTetrasodium EDTAThe Dow Chemical Co.0.20
1,3-Butylene GlycolButylene GlycolCelanese Chemicals2.00
Glycerin, USPGlycerinThe Dow Chemical Co. 2.00
Floraesters K-100 Jojoba Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters (and) Jojoba Esters (and) Water (Aqua)Floratech1.50
Triple Pressed Stearic Acid Stearic AcidEssential Ingredients 12.50
Floraesters 30Jojoba Esters Floratech3.00
HallStar® PGMS PurePropylene Glycol StearateThe HallStar Company 3.50
Ritasynt IPGlycol Stearate (and) Stearamide AMPRita Corporation1.00
Tealan 99%TriethanolamineRita Corporation 0.50
Activaloe® Aloe Vera Gel QM 200X Flakes (0.5% solution in water) Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (and) WaterAloecorp0.50

1. Combine the deionized water and the Celquat SC-230M of Phase A at room temperature under propeller agitation in a suitable vessel. Heat mixture to 50°C and add the Veegum HV with propeller agitation until fully hydrated. 2. Shift to homomixing, add the Versene 220 Crystals Chelating Agent, and heat to 80°C. Add the remaining ingredients of Phase A with homomixer agitation. 3. Combine all ingredients of Phase B in a separate vessel. Melt and mix at 80°C. 4. Add Phase B to Phase A with homomixer agitation at 80°C until smooth. 5. Shift the mixture to propeller agitation and begin cooling. Add the Triethanolamine of Phase C with propeller agitation at 55-60°C. 6. Cool to 40-45°C and add remaining ingredients of Phase C. 7. Cool to 30°C before filling containers.

1 Preservative: Kathon® CG [INCI: Methylchloroisothiazolinone (and) Methylisothiazolinone] supplied by The Dow Chemical Co.
2 Fragrance: Zen 6110612 supplied by Bell Flavors & Fragrances

Typical Properties: pH: 7 - 8 Viscosity: >160kcP

Note: The information herein is based on our research and the research of others and is believed to be accurate. No guarantee of accuracy is made and the products are provided without warranty, expressed or implied and upon condition that purchasers shall make their own tests to determine the suitability of such products for their particular purposes. Likewise, statements concerning the possible use of these products are not intended as recommendations to use these products in infringement of any patent or in the treatment, prevention, or cure of any medical condition. INCI/trade names must be verified with each manufacturer. (Cleared for Public Disclosure)

While every effort has been made to reproduce these formulations correctly, the Publisher of this website cannot accept any liability for the information presented. All formulations are provided in good faith, but no warranty is given as to accuracy of information or results, or suitability for a particular use, nor is freedom from patent infringement to be inferred. Formulations are offered solely for consideration by the participating manufacturers. Continued use of this web site infers acceptance of this disclaimer.

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