Compliance ‘a burden’ says Chairman

June 2012

The Annual Luncheon of the Chemical Business Association was held at The Grosvenor House Hotel, London on 25 April 2012. Chairman of the Association, Dr Neville Prior, who is also Chairman of Cornelius, delivered a speech at the event that welcomed current policies that are looking to rebalance the economy and revive the UK’s manufacturing industry.

 He also stressed the importance of recognition in official circles that there is an increasing cost and burden related to regulatory compliance for chemicals businesses. Despite a number of initiatives designed to remove red tape and make compliance less problematic and the framework less complex, Dr Neville Prior said: “We remain concerned that this is a case of activity being confused with progress.” Dr Neville Prior also announced a victory in the CBA’s campaign against government plans to introduce new and extended regulatory costs at a time when the deficit reduction strategy relied heavily on economic growth. Government departments have abandoned these plans, but the Association will continue to monitor the situation. The lunch was followed by an entertaining half-hour from award-winning journalist and broadcaster, John Sergeant.