Visible signs of ageing reduced with new active

Visible signs of ageing reduced with new active

Skin ageing which is due to intrinsic ageing as well as environmental factors causes a gradual decline in skin functions: modification of the skin’s structure, loss of skin elasticity, appearance of lines and wrinkles, etc.
Suppliers Day 2015 New York May 12-13
New test results for Blue bird cell complex

Naolys, the French company specialised in plant cell culture has added new tests results to its innovative plant cell complex Power Extension [HSB+R] made of a native cell of Hibiscus Syriacus Oiseau bleu (Blue bird), containing not only its own active molecules but also natural rutin molecules to get a greater activity.
At the crossroad of the worlds

During New York Suppliers' Day 2015, Greentech, a leading innovative active ingredient supplier will present a new solution issued from biotechnologies for anti-ageing care: Reverskin a skin volumator smoothing active.
Essential functionalities to meet formulation challenges

At NYSCC Suppliers’ Day, AkzoNobel (Booth 1123) will highlight key essential functionalities that enable formulators to create the finest personal care products.
Award-winning skin tone regulator

Induchem was praised by the entire cosmetic industry for its new ingredient Brightenyl at in-cosmetics in Barcelona last month. The in-cosmetics’ Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award honours the development of novel actives or functional ingredients that successfully combine scientific superiority, formulation benefits

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Formulating for China: Free e-seminar

Formulating for China: Free e-seminar

The spending power of the Chinese consumer extends far beyond China’s borders, and for cosmetic companies successfully catering to the unique needs of this demographic, China is proving to be an indispensable growth powerhouse.
Oily skin addressed

Oily skin addressed

Both unsightly and uncomfortable, oily skin affects both men and women. The physical signs are shiny skin and a lack of radiance, often accompanied by dilated pores. Oily skin is also more prone to developing blemishes.
Company celebrates  gold CSR rating

Company celebrates gold CSR rating

Lipoid Kosmetik has achieved the Gold CSR Rating, the highest certification from Ecovadis.
• Immediate relief for skin
• Microbead alternatives
• Skin complexion optimiser
• New liquid shea oil
• New corporate identity
• Eco-conscious surfactant


Global exhibitors and new products take centre stage

Global exhibitors and new products take centre stage

in-cosmetics Korea is the new personal care ingredients show in Korea where 150+ international suppliers will showcase their products to cosmetic manufacturers and distributors.
Vitamin C derivative protects skin and combats UV damage

Vitamin C derivative protects skin and combats UV damage

Cutaneous ageing is a complex biological process influenced by a combination of endogenous or intrinsic (e.g. genetics, cellular metabolism, hormone and metabolic processes) and exogenous or extrinsic (e.g. chronic light exposure, pollution, ionising radiation, chemicals, toxins) factors, primarily due to UV/photo damage.1 Many studies have helped us better understand the difference between chronological ageing and photoageing.
Morphological control of zinc oxide and application

Morphological control of zinc oxide and application

Zinc oxide (ZnO) shows excellent visible light transparency and ultraviolet (UV) radiation shielding ability, and is used for various cosmetics.1,2 It is also known that the morphology of the ZnO particle can be easily controlled.
Hair care devolution: naturally back to basics

Hair care devolution: naturally back to basics

The UK hair care market for shampoos and conditioners is currently undergoing a renaissance. After weathering a period of recession between 2006 and 2009 it has since grown at over 3% per annum and is currently valued at £814 million. This growth shows no signs of decreasing and the market is expected to be worth close to £1 bn by the end of the decade.1
• Technology aids innovation and customisation
• Olive as a natural carrier and skin-feel enhancer
• Colloidal oatmeal re-defined as moisturising active
• Skin care vaccine induces self-maintenance system
• Neurocosmetic activity of chitin nanofibrils
• Cosmetics formulation impact on challenge test

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Creating novel formats with desired lightweight sensory
Creating novel formats with desired lightweight sensory
Consumers are drawn to unique, eye-catching products, from clear sticks and balms to sprayable gels and emulsions. With oil structuring technology, formulators can produce a variety of sensory and functional formats to deliver features such as crystal clear gels along with fantastic long-lasting and water resistance benefits.


GREENTECH at the crossroad of the worlds... meets GREENSEA, the expert in the marine world
GREENTECH at the crossroad of the worlds... meets GREENSEA, the expert in the marine world
Every day GREENTECH & GREENSEA are diving into biotechnology and the marine world. Together, we immerge with better understanding of marine (biological) mechanisms.


Lipotecは次に開催されるin-cosmetics 2015にて、目の周りの主な3つの悩みであるアイバッグ、クマ 、シワを同時に改善する新規バイオテクノロジー活性成分「EYEDELINE™ marine ingredient」(アイデ リン™)を発表する。


13th International Sun Protection Conference
The Royal College of Surgeons, London
9-10 June 2015

in-cosmetics Korea 2015
15 - 16 June 2015

Naturals in Cosmetic Science Conference
Royal College of Physicians, London, UK
1 – 2 July 2015


Sonneborn Refined Products B.V.
Category: Facial Care/Cleansing
This light, non-greasy face cream goes on smooth and leaves skin feeling soft.

Sensoshaving Cream
Hallstar Italia Srl
Category: Shaving and Mens Products
SensoShaving Cream is an aftershave emulsion that promotes fast recovery of skin damaged by shaving. Sensolene Care DD and Kokum Butter reduce trans-epidermal water loss; improving skin moisturizing and elasticity, providing better spreadability, and providing dry touch and fast absorption.

PEG-Free Body Wash Featuring Floraesters K-20W Jojoba
Category: Body Care/Cleansing
Floraesters K-20W Jojoba plays a dual role in this unique body wash. First, it is a naturally derived neutralizer for the polymer system. Second, it imparts an unmistakable skin feel after use that is substantive, moisturizing, and smooth to the touch. The Florabeads provide a visual effect and add a gentle exfoliating experience with residual jojoba emolliency.


Multifunctional actives for oily skin and scalp disorders
Though the conventional hair care market is a mature one, there are still many opportunities to innovate and radicalise this sector. As the needs of consumers are becoming more complex, the corresponding products evolve towards more sophisticated and solution-oriented concepts by default. Just in the first of half of 2014, 72% of global hair care launched had a ‘beauty enhancing’ claim.