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SCS Annual Conference: Science in a Bottle

The Science in a Bottle conference organised by the UK Society of Cosmetic Scientists brings together the latest knowledge from leading academics and industry practitioners to educate, excite and inspire cosmetic scientists in the celebration of ‘Science in a Bottle’

Investigating baked eye shadow production process

Pressed eye shadows have, so far, been the largest segment of the eye shadow product group available on the market. However, there are other, smaller product ranges with different textures like jelly, liquid or stick form.

Efficiency and versatility of new natural emulsifier

Oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions are the most common formulation type in cosmetics as it is an ideal medium to transport all types of active ingredients (hydrophilic and lipophilic). It facilitates the formulation of a wide range of textures with varied sensory properties.

Photoageing evaluated via advanced optical techniques

There are two types of skin ageing,’chronic ageing’ and ‘photoageing’. The importance of photoageing which occurs due to exposure of skin to sun have been well recognised and studied.

Skin and hair colour shaped by colourless carotenoids

Fluorescence is the re-emission of light by a substance having previously absorbed it. The most striking examples of fluorescence occur when the absorbed radiation is in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum, and thus invisible to the human eye, and the emitted light is in the visible region

Cosmetic properties of comb-like PU film-formers

Polymers serve multifarious purposes in cosmetic formulations. The applications take advantage of the various properties of polymers to impart uncommon benefits to their formulations. The range of properties is as varied as the class of polymers that have been utilised.

Water-based nail polish: an alternative to solvent-based

For some time now, the nail polish market has seen the development of a trend that had already reached most areas of the cosmetic branch many years ago: consumers want products that are sustainable for humans and the environment.

Fragrance encapsulation in chitosan particles

The aim of this study has been to synthesise chitosan nanoparticles in order to encapsulate terpinolene fragrance.

New category between fine fragrance and deodorant

Fragrance is one of the most important purchase drivers in APD. In Europe, depending on the country, scent is as important, or nearly as important, as the branding.

Choosing the right natural exfoliating ingredient

As a result of the environmental problems caused by plastic particles, cosmetic brands are increasingly focusing their research on the use of exfoliating particles from natural sources.

Marine ingredient for integral care of the eye contour area

The eye contour area is one of the first places where ageing and fatigue signs start to appear. Around the eyes the skin is very delicate and can be affected by many factors, easily showing evidence of fatigue or ageing.

3R regulation of oily skin and microflora balance

There is something many of us remember from our teenage years but only a few associate with adulthood: oily skin. Oily skin is a major issue, because it affects those areas that are the most exposed, like the chin, forehead and nose.

Skin ageing analysed by gene microarray

As life expectancy increases, ageing and its consequences become a focus of interest across various research fields that would elucidate mechanisms of skin ageing and drive new approaches to combat ageing’s adverse effects.

Powerful surfactants from renewable raw materials

‘Green’: This is the common prognosis regarding long-term trends for personal care products in a nutshell.

Targeting keratinocytes to protect skin barrier function

The skin is the first line of defence. If the epidermal structure, the skin barrier, is altered, it weakens and skin disorders soon appear. If it happens, and skin regeneration and natural mechanisms for repair just fail, a therapeutic solution becomes essential.

Irritant impact on cornified envelope and localisation

The skin is the outermost organ of human body, providing a selective barrier that regulates the penetration of exogenous substances from the external environment and controls the cutaneous water balance.

Searching for the truth behind sensitive skin

Many people now claim to suffer from what is termed ‘sensitive skin’ and consequently seek out products that either alleviate symptoms or prevent them from occurring in the first place.
Factors when formulating for sensitive skin

Factors when formulating for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is a self-diagnosed condition that many consumers consider themselves to have. A study performed in UK on 3,800 subjects found that 51.4% of women and 38.2% of men self-reported their skin as being sensitive.1
Going global: formulating for different markets

Going global: formulating for different markets

This article aims to give an overview of how cosmetic products are regulated in the US, Canada, Australia, and ASEAN countries. These countries were chosen as they regulate cosmetics through post market surveillance and not through premarket testing.

Technology platform offers rich source of innovation

Vytrus Biotech launched in 2009 as a spinoff company of the Faculty of Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona. It was created by two scientists from the research group Plant Biotechnology Production of Phytomedicines, which has over 35 years’ experience in the area of plant cell cultures.

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