New results reveal moisturising effect

June 2012

Ceapro has released new information demonstrating the quality of their CP Oat Beta Glucan, when compared to a commercial hyaluronic acid. When tested in a standardised study using eleven subjects, the clear, odourless liquid ingredient was found to improve the moisturising effect of the epidermis superficial layers by 16% after one application.

CP Oat Beta Glucan not only offers high levels of moisturisation, but also previous studies have demonstrated its capabilities to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This makes it an ideal ingredient for anti-ageing products. Studies show the appearance of lines and wrinkles are reduced, with a 16% reduction in the average depth of the deepest wrinkle, and a 13% reduction in overall roughness after eight weeks’ use. In addition CP Oat Beta Glucan promotes collagen synthesis, allowing for improved skin elasticity as well as acting as a natural immuno-stimulent. CP Oat Beta Glucan is ideal for skin rejuvenating creams, lotions and serums, as although an effective film-former, the ingredient is also capable of penetrating the skin. Due to its patented extraction process, CP Oat Beta Glucan is highly purified allowing for exceptionally easy formulation.