Next generation biomimetics

June 2012

Croda has announced the launch of Keramimic 2.0, a new keratin quat that Croda claims takes biomimetics to the next generation. Developed using the company’s proprietary manufacturing method, this highly specialised conditioning active provides targeted repair to the most damaged areas of the hair’s surface.

Developed using the most recent advances in Proteomics, the amino acid sequences of the peptides found in Keramimic 2.0 match those present in cuticular and cortical regions of human hair. Keramimic 2.0 not only treats ‘like with like’, it mimics the peptides found in hair keratin proteins to repair and condition the most damaged areas of the hair cuticle. In addition to Keramimic 2.0’s biomimetic behaviour, it can intelligently work to provide restoration to the areas of the hair that need the most treatment. Analysis of a hair fibre shows the hair’s anionic surface becoming progressively more anionic as it is subjected to more damage towards the tip. Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy (ToF-SIMS) image mapping technique has been used to demonstrate that using Croda’s cationic chemistry, Keramimic 2.0 deposits on the most damaged areas of the hair cuticle from root to tip, intelligently repairing the hair’s surface right where it is needed most.