First prize for natural 24-hour deodorant

June 2012

Germany-based Dr. Straetmans GmbH has won the BSB Innovation Prize in the category of functional ingredients at this year’s in-cosmetics in Barcelona. The members of the jury from Henkel, La Prairie, Mibelle Cosmetics and Procter & Gamble highlighted the excellent performance of the natural ingredient, dermosoft decalact deo.

 dermosoft decalact deo is the first certified natural deodorant active that shows clinically proven 24-hour deodorant effect. The assessment was done in a clinical study with 20 individuals evaluated by an expert panel under controlled conditions. The snifftest was done comparing to the well known, petrochemically-derived ethylhexylglycerine as a benchmark. The duration of the deodorant formulation was evaluated after single use and after one week of daily use. In both cases dermosoft decalact deo showed 24-hours of deodorant effect which was superior to ethylhexylglycerine with only 6 hours duration. In vitro testing against Corynebacterium xerosis that was performed prior to sniff-testing, already showed that the natural dermosoft decalact deo exhibits the same reduction of Corynebacterium xerosis as triclosane and ethylhexylglycerine.