Natural antiageing active

June 2012

Skin ageing is the result of the imperfect repair of cumulative damage by both internal stress factors, such as allergies, overactive immune response and age-related changes, and external factors, such as environmental pollutants, ultraviolet/visible light, and irritants to the skin.

Recentia CS, the first Zeta Fraction ingredient to be introduced by AkzoNobel, capitalises on a broad spectrum of powerful substances contained in the living leaves of the Camellia sinensis (tea plant) to help cosmetic products reduce the signs and appearance of ageing. A comprehensive array of assay tests conducted by AkzoNobel Global Personal Care has demonstrated that Recentia CS bioactive cosmetic ingredient offers many characteristics that are important to manufacturers of finished cosmetic products. These characteristics include minimising formation of reactive oxygen species and free radicals (DPPH: 2,2- diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl), preventing oxidative damage from sunlight-generated singlet oxygen, and ensuring photo-stabilisation of active product ingredients susceptible to UV radiation.