Surfactants capture imagination of visitors

May 2012

in-cosmetics is an important event in Innospec’s trade show calendar and this year the company captured the attention and imagination of the visitors to Barcelona.

in-cosmetics 2012 provided the launch pad for two new additions to the Iselux family of surfactants. Innospec introduced two optimised blends, Iselux SFS and Iselux SLB, to make sulfate-free formulating even easier.

The market for sulfate-free products is booming with claims of mildness and enhanced colour protection encouraging consumers to switch. Transitioning to ‘sulfate-free’ is often perceived as potentially complex and expensive for the manufacturer, often resulting in inferior performing, higher cost products. Building on the success of our unique mild Iselux surfactant (INCI: sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate) in consumer products, these blends provide a simple and cost effective chassis from which to build sulfate-free personal cleansing products.

Iselux SFS is a sulfate-free surfactant concentrate to which you simply add water for dilution and electrolyte to thicken to create a crystal clear stable cleansing system. Other performance ingredients can be added (such as conditioning agents or pearlisers) to create the desired finished formulation.
Iselux SLB is a sulfate-free structured liquid concentrate that can hold 10% or more of a desirable oil or other incompatible additive to deliver outstanding lather and skin moisturisation.

The blends are free from sulfates, ethylene oxide and amides.  Both systems are readily biodegradable and largely derived from natural renewable resources providing excellent foaming with a dense, creamy, luxurious lather and elegant after-feel on skin and hair.

The use of blends brings numerous benefits from procurement through to manufacturing reducing on-site inventory and purchasing costs by supplying an optimised product which can simplify the production process.

To find out more about using these blends watch Innospec’s video at