Household, Industrial & Institutional Ingredients (H3i), Exhibition and Conference

November 2011

The Household, Industrial & Institutional Ingredients (H3i) exhibition and conference is organised by Step Exhibitions and the British Association of Chemical Specialties (BACS). It features ingredients for performance enhancement in home care and industrial products and institutional cleaners.

H3i offers ideas, inspiration and technical answers for everyone involved in formulating cleaning products, enhance formulation techniques and bringing H,I&I products to market. The H3i Exhibition, BACS Conference and TechFocus programme combine to create a jam packed two days dedicated to formulating H,I&I products. For full details visit

The Exhibition
Featuring the raw materials, ingredients and formulation services of some of the largest companies within the H,I&I industry, the H3i exhibition gives attendees access to a wealth of information, expertise, products, services and advice - an opportunity for focused discussion, investigation and comparison.  For the full list of companies exhibiting and represented at H3i visit

The TechFocus programme is a series of Free to Attend, short-sharp exhibitor led presentations featuring the science, technology and formulation techniques in a concentrated formula.  Ideal for definitive answers to technical questions from the people who make the ingredients. Here is an overview of the TechFocus programme:

29 February 2012
• Rheology Modification for Challenging HI+I Formulations
Simon Oldfield, Ashland (Formerly ISP)
• Navigating the changing regulatory landscape for biocides in Europe
Ian Watt, Dow Microbial Care
• Multi-functional additives to improve the performance of challenging formulations
Dr Claire Rees, Rockwood Additives
• The use of Ethylenediamine disuccinc acid (EDDS) as a highly effective chelating agent in laundry and automatic dishwash applications
Dr Matthew Giles, Innospec
• Rheology for Household, Industrial & Institutional Ingredients
Steve Goodyer, Anton Paar
• Parmetol MBX – a new fast active in-can preservative with long-term protection
Anne Gückel, Schulke & Mayr UK
• Repelotex – Soil Release Polymers to Boost Cleaning & Keep Your Fabric Colours Bright
Sandra Catarino, Rhodia UK
• Sustainable Solutions for Replacing Aminopolycarboxylates and Polyacrylates in Industrial and Institutional Applications
Mrs Isabelle Leónard, Thermphos België BVBA
• The use of Gelling Agents in improving fragrance delivery systems
Yogesh Solanki, CP Kelco
• Aminosilicones: Novel Applications in Homecare
Peter Horvath, Wacker
• GLDA is today’s solution for tomorrow’s products
Dr Jan Seetz, Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals
• Micropack – water soluble sachets
• Floorcare in the 21st Century
Eric Alvarez, Interpolymer

01 March 2012
• Beneficial Micro-organisms Technology – Institutional and Consumer Case Studies
Arnaud Carter, Novozymes Biologicals
• Car Care Innovation
Chemlink Specialities
• Towards Sustainability in Hard Surface Cleaning
Catherine Wretborn, AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry Europe
• Multi-functional additives to improve the performance of challenging formulations
Dr Claire Rees, Rockwood Additives
• Hydroxysultaines – naturally high active, high performance surfactants
John Hibbs, Rhodia UK

For the full TechFocus presentation programme, visit

BACS Conference
The BACS Conference, developed specifically for H3i to meet the needs of formulators, R&D technicians and NPD specialists, will detail the issues facing the market, giving practical application orientated advice, latest market trends and regulation updates. Here is an outline of the papers:

Keynote Presentation
Kirsten Tosin, Unilever Global Procurement Director – Functional Materials

Cleaning Technologies
Steve Bagshaw, Holchem Laboratories

Ingredients for Cleaning Formulations
Dr Guido Bognolo, WSA Associates

Does the Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) affect my products and are they REACH compliant?
Dr Richard Elsmore, JSC International

Effective Claim Substantiation of Disinfectants and Similar Products
David Ashworth, Klarus Consulting

Market Trends within the Household and I & I Sectors
Market Research Expert

Formulation Innovation – the Future of Performance Chemicals
Clive Gould, Evonik Goldschmidt UK

Trends and Drivers for Bio-based Products from EU and UK perspectives
Rebecca Farnell, Chemistry Innovation Knowledge Transfer Network

Long term Raw Material Trends and Impacts
Industry Expert

H3i will take place at the NMM Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK. The date are 29 February – 1 March 2012. For all information, full updates, news and to register visit