ISP launches synthetic peptide and peptide-rich soybean extract

April 09

ISP Personal Care announced the launch of a new synthetic peptide as part of its Vincience range of skin biofunctional ingredients that has been developed to slow premature ageing and to enhance the health and functioning of skin cells.

Called Chondricare IS, this new biofunctional ingredient is a synthetic pentapeptide that functions as a mimetic of the protein aconitase – a critical functional element of human cells that both stimulates cell metabolism during the Krebs cycle and protects mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from oxidative damage such as that caused by UVB radiation.
By increasing the aconitase enzymatic activity in cells, Chondricare IS can help counteract the slowing of cell metabolism and help prevent mitochondrial DNA damage, both of which have been observed as conditions of the ageing process.
ISP Personal Care is currently recommending Chondricare IS as an ingredient in anti-ageing formulations to protect mtDNA, in daily formulations to protect skin from UV-induced mtDNA damage and in night formulations for the regeneration of cell energy levels.
Also launched by ISP Personal Care, in its Vincience portfolio, is a peptide-rich soybean extract. Called Dynachondrine ISR, this new biofunctional ingredient is a Glycine max (soybean) extract rich in peptides biomimetic  to mitochondrial respiratory chain proteins.
As one part of its activity, Dynachondrine ISR focuses on mitochondrial ageing by targeting one of the most advanced discoveries in longevity: sirtuins. In addition, the Dynachondrine ISR acts directly through the stimulation of the mitochondrial respiratory chain to deliver a durable increase in energy, necessary for a high cellular metabolism and protection against oxidative stress and damage. Studies with Dynachondrine ISR have demonstrated visible benefits at the skin level such as a better skin structure and appearance.
ISP Personal Care is recommending Dynachondrine ISR as an ingredient in anti-ageing creams, serums with longevity claims and energising formulations linked to improving metabolic endurance. Other applications include skin care products for men designed to improve skin respiration. Dynachondrine ISR can also be considered as a cellular energy booster in conjunction with other biofunctional ingredients.