Oral care milk protein

September 2012

Quantec has announced it has signed a major deal to sell its patented milk protein ingredient, IDP, to Auckland-based NZ New Paradise.

NZ New Paradise has secured exclusive rights to the unique ingredient for use in oral care and throat care confectionery products manufactured in New Zealand and exported to China. NZ New Paradise’s first IDP-based product will be a mint to fight halitosis, launched under its existing Purel brand. The company also plans to capitalise on IDP’s proven ability to kill bad bacteria in the mouth and reduce inflammation by manufacturing a flavoured chewable tablet for Chinese children to boost their oral health. General manager of Auckland-based, NZ New Paradise, Lavinia Huang, said: “Purel sees IDP-based products as a springboard into the Chinese market for oral health products that address the cause of bad breath and boost people’s immune systems.”