Innovative skin care

September 2012

Lipotec has recently launched two new solutions from its Aimtec brand. Delisens offers an innovative mechanism of action directed at treating several inflammatory and/or pruritogenic skin disorders, decreasing sensations of itching, redness or stinging in sensitive skin while helping to recover its physiological tolerance threshold.

It is also recommended for drysensitive skin; hydration increased by 34%, compared to placebo, after only one week of applying a cream with 2% Delisens solution. Telangyn is a tetrapeptide specially developed to treat facial redness and telangiectasia. The dermatological evaluation showed its efficacy in decreasing erythema intensity by 19.2% or skin redness by 17.7% after applying a cream with 2% Telangyn solution at the end of a 4-week treatment. From Biointec, Hyanify is a biotechnological marine-based ingredient with excellent hyaluronic acid boosting properties, leading to replenishing effect against dehydration and wrinkles. The mean depth of nasogenian folds decreased by 14.7% in only 14 days of applying a cream containing 1% Hyanify solution, as showed in vivo.