Longer-lasting colour

September 2012

Croda is putting an end to dull hair colour with its new hair colour intensifying active, VibraRiche. This new liquid technology offers hair colour formulators the ability to deliver shinier, more vibrant and longer lasting colour to their customers, while sharpening the colour of the hair for intense visual impact.

VibraRiche not only allows for amplified colour vibrance, it improves the condition of the hair for stunning shades of touchable, soft, healthy-looking locks. While the vibrance of hair colour is a perceivable attribute, measuring it for the purpose of comparison is quite new and revolutionary. Croda has developed a new methodology to quantify the vibrancy of hair, the Hair Colour Vibrance Factor (HCVF). Using the two defining factors in vibrancy, shine and colour, Croda’s analysis of the interaction of light with hair identified two specific incidents of reflection: lustre and chroma. Lustre is the initial reflection of light from the hair surface, and chroma is the second reflection of light after it penetrates the hair fibre. Using these reflections and their overlap, Croda has been able to quantitatively measure hair vibrance, creating a basis for comparison in their studies. The HCVF was calculated for hair dyed with and without VibraRiche, and the resulting data showed that the hair dyed with VibraRiche had an HCVF almost 10% higher than the control. Along with intensity of colour, another important attribute of hair colorants is their staying power. Customers not only want bright, intense hair colour, they want it to last. In addition to increasing the vibrancy of the hair, Croda has found that VibraRiche doubles the longevity of a hair dye’s initial colour. In a colourwash fastness study, hair dyed with VibraRiche maintained its colour for twice as long as the control product not containing VibraRiche. This longer-lasting colour translates into an increase in value as customers save both time and money by having to dye their hair less frequently.