Smooth moisturising solutions by nature

July 2012

Skin moisturisers are one of the most important classes of personal care products. Due to the strong trend for natural cosmetic products there is a high demand for safe, functional and skin friendly ingredients for moisturising products that can enhance the natural content of the formulation.

Jungbunzlauer has introduced four ECOCERT approved ingredients for use in moisturising products: Gluconolactone, Erylite, Sodium lactate (60% aqueous solution) and Sodium gluconate (in combination with sodium lactate).

Due to their strong hydrophilic character they can act as humectants in cosmetic formulations.    Jungbunzlauer has confirmed the performance of the four ingredients as humectants in 14 days Cutometer studies (see Figure 1). The skin moisture content increase after 14 days for Erylite (C) and gluconolactone (D) is at the same level as for glycerine (B). In addition, sodium lactate (E) and the combination of sodium lactate and sodium gluconate (F) can provide a significant increase in skin moisture.

Please use the following link to view the graphs:

Next to the humectant properties, two of the four versatile ingredients have additional functionalities: sodium gluconate can act as a chelating agent, sodium lactate as a buffering agent.
Formulators are now able to improve the performance and moisturising properties of their finished products form the following reasons:

The ingredients show a very good cost/performance ratio as humectants in moisturising products.  

Safety & smoothness
The moisturisers are completely skin friendly. In addition, they provide a smooth skin feel; whereas, glycerine has been associated with contributing to a sticky skin feel.

100% natural origin
Gluconolactone, sodium gluconate, sodium lactate and Erylite are produced by fermentation of renewable carbohydrates. As a consequence, they have all been approved by ECOCERT as ingredients of 100% natural origin.