Award-winning hyaluronic acid alternative

July 2012

Indena has won an award for its Xilogel product for ‘Innovation in Personal Care’ at The Nutraceutical Business & Technology Awards 2012. The award is given to a research organisation or company to honour the development of a novel active or functional component that combines innovative science with proven efficacy.

Xilogel is an extremely well characterised polysaccharide obtained from the seed of tamarind. Clinically, it has shown potent hydrating, elasticising, anti-wrinkle and redensifying properties. It is also endowed with a unique sensoriality. Xilogel has been developed as reproducible and safe ingredient of botanical origin for personal care and dermatocosmetic applications and its performances have been compared to the most relevant, effective and commonly used benchmark. The results obtained qualify the product as a green alternative to hyaluronic acid. “We’re honoured to receive this award,” said Giada Maramaldi, Indena scientific manager for Personal Care “The benefits of using Xilogel are multiple and well documented. Thanks to our strong commitment to excellence we succeeded in developing this unique moisturiser of botanical origin from the seed of tamarind which is able to meet the request of a green alternative to hyaluronic acid.”