Active receives 25 Years of Innnovation Award

Active receives 25 Years of Innnovation Award

This 25th edition of in-cosmetics will be a memorable one for Sederma. Its anti-wrinkle active ingredient Matrixyl has received the 25 Years of Innovation Award which recognises the product that has had the greatest impact on the personal care market in the last quarter-century.
in-cosmetics 2015 Barcelona April 14-16
Wide array of innovations

Croda will once again be attending the in-cosmetics trade show in Barcelona and will present their latest product launches and initiatives on Stand 6D40.
The beauty of distinctive textures

During this year´s in-cosmetics, Dr. Straetmans GmbH will be introducing two emulsifiers for O/W-emulsions and one active material.
Trends-driven products and formulation kits launched

Dow Corning will introduce two new industry-leading product technologies and its latest beauty care formulation kits at in-cosmetics 2015 in Barcelona (stand no.7E60).
Sensing the difference

IMCD will present the first Beauty Collection, developed in response to the latest emerging trends. IMCD’s ‘sensational’ Beauty Collection for 2015 will be unveiled at in-cosmetics this April.

Other News

Raw materials range on show in Barcelona

Raw materials range on show in Barcelona

Berg+Schmidt will showcase its latest functional raw materials for the cosmetics industry at this year’s in-cosmetics in Barcelona. One highlight will be the GlyAcid range by Crosschem, for which Berg+Schmidt is the exclusive European distributor. This is a high purity glycolic acid that is free of formaldehyde and formic acid.
Microbead alternatives

Microbead alternatives

Worlée is launching WorléeBeads HCO, a natural alternative to plastic exfoliant particles. Based on castor oil, Worlée’s new product is biodegradable and may be used in numerous cosmetic rinseoff products for facial and body care.
Particle size progress for new aerosol

Particle size progress for new aerosol

Salvalco Eco-Valve, a new aerosol delivery system which uses compressed air or other harmless gases as a propellant rather than a liquid petroleum gas (LPG), is set to be trialled extensively by major contract fillers, leading brands and specialist spray companies.
• INOLEX acquires ieS LABO
• Rapid microbial screening
• New personal care division
• GMP certification
• Summit focus on green alternatives
• Transfer of peptide manufacturing


Odour analysis in personal care products

Odour analysis in personal care products

The human sense of smell has been underestimated for a long time. However, recent research shows that it is closely connected to emotions, memories, approach and avoidance, and also evaluative judgment. Therefore, the scent of a product can have a significant impact on consumers’ product experience, its liking, the evaluative judgment of the products’ qualities, and the products’ purchase intention.
Vanillin: a promising preservation booster

Vanillin: a promising preservation booster

Preservation has always been under the spot light; even more so is preservation of natural products.
Validation of processing methods as part of scale-up

Validation of processing methods as part of scale-up

Process validation for cosmetic products is a requirement under GMP so that manufacturers can prove control of critical aspects of their operations.
Ultrasonic methods: opportunities in formulation

Ultrasonic methods: opportunities in formulation

Ultrasound is a well-used method for particle size reduction in dispersions and emulsions across many industries and applications. While the use of ultrasound in the processing of personal care formulations does happen, it is currently not very common.
• Technology aids innovation and customisation
• Olive as a natural carrier and skin-feel enhancer
• Colloidal oatmeal re-defined as moisturising active
• Skin care vaccine induces self-maintenance system
• Neurocosmetic activity of chitin nanofibrils
• Cosmetics formulation impact on challenge test

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Family run with a global reach
Family run with a global reach
Berjé is an SQF Certified, family-owned business that has been in operation for over six decades. The company’s origins and strengths lie in a profound understanding of the supply and quality of the diverse raw materials consumed by the flavour and fragrance industries.


GREENTECH at the crossroad of the worlds... meets GREENSEA, the expert in the marine world
GREENTECH at the crossroad of the worlds... meets GREENSEA, the expert in the marine world
Every day GREENTECH & GREENSEA are diving into biotechnology and the marine world. Together, we immerge with better understanding of marine (biological) mechanisms.


Lipotecは次に開催されるin-cosmetics 2015にて、目の周りの主な3つの悩みであるアイバッグ、クマ 、シワを同時に改善する新規バイオテクノロジー活性成分「EYEDELINE™ marine ingredient」(アイデ リン™)を発表する。


ASCS 2015
Cairns, Australia
28 - 30 April 2015

13th International Sun Protection Conference
The Royal College of Surgeons, London
9-10 June 2015

in-cosmetics Korea 2015
15 - 16 June 2015


Silicone Free Facial Serum
Oat Cosmetics
Category: Facial Care/Cleansing
The inclusion of Oat® COM, Oat® SILK and Oat® Lipid e gives this lightweight serum an antioxidant complex that protects from future signs of aging, whilst also moisturising and replenishing the skin.

Lustrous Hair Color Cream, 5.7 Chocolate Brown
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Asia Pacific Limited
Category: Hair Colour
Hair color is forecasted to remain an attractive growth segment in Personal Care. Thanks to Chromapol™* 5 polymer, this hair coloring cream is free from any fatty alcohol based emulsifiers which enhances formulation flexibility and product aesthetics. Chromapol™* 5 polymer allows for the semi-cold process creation of unique product forms such as glossy and no drip creams offering pleasing hair sensory. Chromapol™* 5 polymer stabilizes this PPD (p-Phenylenediamine)-based formula. This formulation is an excellent color base to mix with the activator cream.

Natural Hair Shine Serum
Category: Hair Conditioning/Treatment
This all-natural serum can be used on all hair types. LexFeel N350 provides a brilliant shine and reduces the appearance of frizz and split ends. It glides effortlessly through the hair without leaving a heavy build up.


Extremophile cells offer UV stress protection
The high Alpine plant Saponaria pumila is a survival specialist. It weathered the last ice age growing on ice-free mountain peaks, so-called nunataks exposed to constantly low temperatures and high levels of UV radiation.