Fighting cellulite via circadian rhythms gene

Fighting cellulite via circadian rhythms gene

Lipotec introduces Nocturshape blue ingredient which, especially active at night time, is directed at providing a superior anti-cellulite benefit with results in only 15 days.
InCosmetics Asia 2014 Bangkok November 4-6
Two new products to launch

Founded in 1959, Ichimaru Pharcos is a global leader in Research and Development of natural active ingredients for the cosmetic industry.
Key to skin’s longevity found in snow algae

In the summer, persisting snow fields on high mountains are sometimes tinged with a red, pink colour. This phenomenon is caused by the snow alga Chlamydomonas nivalis. It is a unicellular member of the green algae that changed colour by producing carotenoids for protection against high ultraviolet radiation.
Celebrating beauty in Asia

After the trade shows in Hamburg and São Paulo, IMCD Personal Care is moving on to take part at in-cosmetics Asia from the 4 to the 6 of November.
Lipotec (booth G30) presents the new anti-pollution efficacy performed on one of its key active ingredients.

Protection against environmental factors continues driving innovation within the cosmetic market. Especially air pollutants, originated from fuel combustion or aerosols, are a current global issue due to its negative impact on our health and on our skin.

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Business award for actives manufacturer Silab

Business award for actives manufacturer Silab

After an 11th place in 2012, then 7th in 2013, Silab, manufacturer of cosmetic natural active ingredients, has risen to third in the 2014 list of ‘150 most beautiful independent SMEs in France’, ranking conducted by the magazine L’Express - L’Entreprise, Ernst & Young and Ellisphere.
HEV light health effects tackled

HEV light health effects tackled

In response to recent scientific evidence suggesting that High Energy Visible (HEV) light is harmful to skin, Lipo Chemicals developed Liposhield, a patent pending ingredient that acts as an ‘umbrella’ to protect skin from the unhealthy effects of HEV light.
New sales director at Dr Straetmans

New sales director at Dr Straetmans

Dr Straetmans has appointed Ralf Kuschnereit as its new sales director for their global sales activities. Within this function he will be in charge of the sales team and the global distribution network.
• Fragrance forum held in London
• Call for papers
• Application team expanded
• Power of beauty revealed
• Innovation award for emulsifier
• All manufacturing sites certified


Anti-plaque effect of zinc citrate measured

Anti-plaque effect of zinc citrate measured

The global oral care market was estimated by Mintel at US$30.5 billion in 2013 and is estimated to grow around 5% annually over the next five years.1
Specialty silicones for skin lightening products

Specialty silicones for skin lightening products

Consumers want smooth, even-toned skin that expresses youth and beauty, despite their age. However, as skin ages, it can become blotchy or develop uneven, dark spots, upsetting its natural uniformity and radiance. As a result, truly effective skin lightening (also referred to as whitening) formulations continue to be in high demand. As noted by Mintel:
A multilayer skin activator with cross-talk function

A multilayer skin activator with cross-talk function

Communication between cells within a certain skin layer, but also across various skin layers and between different skin cell types, is imperative for the proper function of skin. The unique short-chain ceramide caprooyl phytosphingosine (trade name Sphingokine NP) was found to stimulate the cross-talk between different cells throughout the skin, resulting in visibly plumped and reshaped skin.
Restrictions on three preservatives in 2015

Restrictions on three preservatives in 2015

A press release1 was issued by the European Commission in Brussels on 26 September 2014 restricting the use of three preservatives in cosmetic products. The commission stated the restrictions: “further strengthened the protection of consumers, in particular babies and young children.”
• Can innovation reverse the decline in sales?
• Non-hydrogenated vegetal butters boost skin-feel
• Ingredients focus: hair care
• Broad band, photostable prevention of UV damage
• Alternative broad spectrum blend with natural element
• Bridging the gap between tradition and sustainability

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Sustainability matters
Sustainability matters
Natural Plant Products (NPP) is the manufacturing and marketing subsidiary of OMG, a farming cooperative comprised of over 50 farms in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, US.


A secret personal trainer: ActigymTM marine ingredient
A secret personal trainer: ActigymTM marine ingredient
Ageing or insufficient physical activity are associated with a reduced muscle tone and resistance leading to sagginess and worsening of body figure. Inspired by physical training and directed to improve body toning and silhouette definition, novel ActigymTM marine ingredient mimics the effects of endurance exercise.


化粧の外科的処置だけでなく、このようなボツリヌス毒素A型又はヒアルロン酸(HA )の注射など、他の低侵襲性処置の需要が未だに増えている。今日では、科学的に立証された有効成分と臨床的に証明された効果を持つ進歩した塗布処置は、侵襲的な方法の補足処置、またそれに代わるものとして多くの消費者のために出てきております。


in-cosmetics Asia 2014 - 4/6 Nov 14
BITEC Hall 101-102 88 Bangna-Trad Road (Km.1), Bangna, Bangkok, 10260 Thailand
4 - 6 November 2014

SCS Formulate 2014 - 11/12 Nov 14
Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK
11 – 12 November 2014

Making Cosmetics - 2015
Ricoh Arena, Coventry. UK
24 - 25 March 2015


Men's After Shave Balm J7-1A
Jeen International Corporation
Category: Shaving and Mens Products
This smooth shave balm for men is designed to leave a fresh and smooth sensation after shave.

Hydrating Shampoo Nad050-10-01B
Hallstar Italia Srl
Category: Shampoo
Conditioning shampoo moisturizes your hair as it cleans. Hydrating Shampoo nourishes hair and adds shine with a unique blend of olive-oil-derived Olivem® 400 and Olivem® 300. Gently cleanse and smooth hair without stripping away moisture. This shampoo’s extra soft and smooth formula moisturises and enhances healthy hair conditions.

Cooling Exfoliating Cleanser
Alfa Chemicals Ltd
Category: Exfoliating


Sensoriality and targeting regular sunscreen usage
Substantial progress has been made in the protection of skin from the sun since the first commercial sunscreen products were introduced in the 1930s.1 Erythema, primarily from UVB light (290 nm-320 nm), is the first negative consequence experienced as a result of excessive sun exposure.