Winning eyelash enhancer

May 2012

At this year’s PCHi, Symrise was awarded for the Most Significant Technology in China’s Personal Care and Cosmetics Industry 2011-2012. The jury honoured the eyelash-enhancing properties of SymPeptide 226EL.

 The cosmetic ingredient has proven to help improve the appearance of naturally beautiful and plentiful eyelashes. The Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) trade show has, for the second time, organised a special award ceremony to recognize new technology from exhibitors: The China Personal Care & Cosmetics Innovation Awards. The jury electing the winners consists of respected Chinese industry associations, universities and research institutes. Symrise received the prize for the Most Significant Technology in China’s Personal Care and Cosmetics Industry 2011-2012 for SymPeptide 226EL. Clinical studies show that it improves the appearance and volume of eyelashes within two weeks, making the product unique in the market. In future, the product will be marketed under the name SymPeptide XLash. During the show, the Symrise team found that in many cases the major topics for discussion focused on whitening and preservative-free formulations. For Chung Sin Wong, vice president Symrise Life Essentials Asia Pacific, the reason for this is evident: “During the trade show, we had the chance to talk to many local and international customers and lead in-depth product discussions with them. Our finding from this was that these topics continue to be the trend in the cosmetics and toiletries industry in China. And the award supplied further evidence for our consumer insight in the region. That is also why we feel very honoured to have received the prize. It encourages us to intensify our search for ingredients that help create products that exactly meet the preferences of the local market.”