New preservative

July 2005

Preservative actives for personal care products require high standards of safety and compatibility, underlines Schülke & Mayr.

The company states that more and more of the well-known and accepted preservative actives are being regarded increasing critically, both by specialists and by the public. Among these are the parabens, used safely for many years.

To a certain extent, the cosmetic industry is looking to replace parabens in products with actives regarded less critically, Schülke & Mayr says, putting forward the view that organic acids could be ideal replacements. The use of organic acids is limited to a pH below 6, while numerous cosmetic products are formulated in pH ranges between 6-7.

With Euxyl K 500, Schülke & Mayr has launched an organic acid based product which boosts the efficacy of organic acids up to pH 7.

Euxyl K 500 is a solvent-free aqueous combination of diazolidinyl urea, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate.