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Combining local knowledge with worldwide expertise.

We’re a leading international distributor of a comprehensive range of additives, actives, and functional and sensorial ingredients, suitable for any field of personal care. Our structure enables us to develop customised solutions for clients in individual countries, while calling upon international expertise.

The perfect solution for you.

Our extensively experienced team of scientists continuously analyse market trends to develop new innovations and solutions. Their in-depth knowledge and insight enable us to provide a range of value-added services that will deliver exactly what you require.

Application Laboratory.

While developing new ingredients and cosmetic applications, we also offer a range of other services to meet your specific needs, including:

Problem solving
Formulation guidelines
Production of sample prototypes

Working closely together.

Through Academy Sessions, our laboratory studies are presented both to the IMCD Team and yourself. This allows us to update and continuously improve our technical capabilities, while sharing new innovative studies with you.


Facial Moisturising Exotic Butters
Fillers Eyes
Formulation Consultants Facial
Fragrance Hair colour intermediates
Fragrances Hair Styling
Abrasives Hand/Foot Care
Acne/Blackhead Removal Humectants
Actives Lip Care
AHA's Mouthwash
Anti-Ageing Nails
Antibacterials Naturals
Anti-Cellulite Pigments/colours
Anti-Dandruff Powder
Antiseptics Preservatives
Aromatherapy Shampoo
Baby Care Products Shaving Products
Body Cleansing Silicones
Botanicals Soaps/Syndets
Butters Solvents
Chelating Agents Specialty Chemicals
Cleansing Bars Sun Care Products
Cleansing/Moisturising - Paper products Sunscreens
CO2 Extracts Surfactants
Colour - Hair Tanning Agents
Conditioning Thickeners
Deodorant/AP Toothpaste
Emollients Vitamins
Emulsifiers Waxes
Essential Oils Whiteners
Exfoliants Facial Cleansing