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The company Dr. Straetmans GmbH was founded in 1984 by Dr. Udo Straetmans who, having a long year experience in biocidal products, decided to start an enterprise for developing and marketing new actives for “alternative preservation”.

At a time when the term “alternative preservation” was still unknown to the cosmetic industry, Dr. Straetmans began to introduce mild alternatives to former state-of-the-art preservatives which today are known to be highly problematic for the skin.

Today his concepts have become increasingly popular and are nowadays commonly used in modern preservation concepts. Until today the concepts and raw materials for alternative preservation remain connected to the brand name Dermosoft® introduced in the early 1990’s by Dr. Straetmans GmbH. Committed to this tradition, we strive to anticipate new trends, continue to develop new raw materials and maintain the high quality guaranteed by our long term production partners.

Under the brand name Dermofeel® a series of emulsifiers, oil components and antioxidants have been amended to our existing product range, shaping the catalogue of functional ingredients. Currently, more than 60% of our products derive from vegetal sources, making Dr. Straetmans a valuable partner for the natural cosmetic industry.

With the launch of our new product family Dermorganics® in 2009 we create a new product family that will include organic solvents, oil components, emulsifiers and other ingredients for biocosmetics. Selected organic ingredients like glycerine and sunflower seed oil already have been introduced into some of our ingredients during the last years. “Intelligence behind Beauty” is our company claim.

But for us it is a lot more than that. We chose it, because we feel that this slogan expresses best our philosophy and our market approach. Intelligence is to our understanding the ground for the successful development of modern cosmetic ingredients. Intelligence is scientific knowledge that is found at Dr. Straetmans.

In every department of our company, dedicated people with a strong scientific and professional background are bringing in their knowledge and experience. But from Intelligence it is a way to reach beauty. You need a lot of creativity on this way. But from our point of view creativity has to go hand in hand with intelligence to create successful products.

Also in the future we will continue with our philosophy and go on mixing solid science with marketing creativity to create innovative raw materials and cosmetic formulations to grow with the success of our customers. That is our way to define “Intelligence behind Beauty”.


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