A new alternative for natural oil thickening
Creating highly viscous or soft-solid oil phases without losing the sensorial profile is a task not easy to accomplish for cosmetic formulators. There are few possibilities and only a couple of ingredients that will have a viscosity increasing effect on liquid oils without altering the sensorial profile. dermofeel viscolid was introduced last year by Dr. Straetmans, filling a gap in the market of oil based cosmetic products.

Selecting the perfect silicone for your formulation
Silicone chemistry is playing an increasingly important role in modern personal care and cosmetic formulations. A unique and multifunctional set of properties combine to ensure silicones stay at the top of the formulator’s toolkit, delivering superior aesthetics and unmatched, cost-effective, sensory benefits.

Focus on green actives
The growing array of green actives is spurring innovation in the cosmetics industry. Organic Monitor believes that novel green ingredients are also bringing fresh technical challenges.

Multicultural hair conditioning
At in-cosmetics in Hamburg, Germany, Croda Inc announced the launch of a new conditioning agent, Crodazoquat MCC (MultiCultural Conditioning), designed to address the expanding market need for multicultural conditioning and damage repair for a diverse range of hair types.

Sustainable PE bead alternative
Desert Whale Jojoba Company presents Jojoba Scrubeads, a sustainable and biodegradable response to polyethylene (PE) beads used in beauty products.

Soothing chia seed oil for improved skin
Seatons, the natural oil subsidiary of Croda International plc, has launched Seatons chia seed oil. Originally the super food of the Aztecs, this cold pressed oil from Seatons is a super food for the skin too.

Rose from Damas plant cells provide anti-wrinkle effect
Naolys, the French company specialised in plant cell culture claims new tests results with whole plant cells from Rose from Damas.

Halal ranges
Croda has announced a committment to delivering cosmetic ingredients which meet the religious beliefs of both their customers and the consumer.

Award for antimicrobial stabiliser
DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products Company has announced the winner of the second annual Zemea Innovation Award programme.

Ingredients get eco validations
Indena has announced that two additional extracts, Xilogel and Millet have been recently Ecocert validated. These validations follow the ones previously received for other products:

Dandruff ingredient scoops award
Frost & Sullivan has awarded Greentech with the 2014 European Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation Leadership for developing Dandrilys.

Preservatives partnership announced
Cornelius Group and Troy Corporation in UK and Ireland have announced a partnership for household and personal care preservatives. Troy Corporation offer a full range of antimicrobials and technical support.

Effective products and comprehensive service
Cosmetics are part of our everyday life. We often apply them several times daily and over our entire body.

In vitro testing strategies to be discussed at Making Cosmetics 2014
Intertek has announced that its cosmetics safety testing and regulatory experts will present at the Making Cosmetics Exhibition and Conference" March 25 – 26, 2014, at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK.

Innovative natural waxes for skin and hair
At the Making Cosmetics 2014 in Coventry, UK KahlWax will be presenting new highlights from the portfolio on Stand 323: waxes that fulfill consumer demand for greater naturalness – and offer the cosmetics industry attractive, effective alternatives.

New lecithin fractions
Berg+Schmidt has announced new lecithin fractions to its successful BergaMuls product line. Its hydrolysed lyso-lecithin and hydrated lecithin give customers a wide selection of natural emulsifiers for many applications.

Sustainable solubiliser
Seppic is launching Sepiclear G7, a 100% natural and sustainable solubiliser targeting the cosmetics market. The product has already won the Pierre Potier prize, awarded for innovation in sustainable chemistry.

Silicone wax launch
Grant Industries announced the launch of Gransil VX-418. The newest addition in the Gransil VX line of silicone waxes, Gransil VX-418 offers innovative texture and sensory capabilities.

Ultra-mild surfactant unveiled
A technical breakthrough in sulfate-free surfactant chemistry, Innospec’s Iselux (Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate) range has been an innovative addition to the personal care market.

New threeheaded TEWL instrument
The Tewameter, manufactured by Courage+Khazaka, is not only the most widely acknowledged instrument for the measurement of the TEWL and the barrier function of the skin, but is furthermore used for measurements on the International Space Station ISS.