Croda Europe Limited
This high substantive formulation provides excellent wet comb,
lubricity, builds body to limp hair and leaves a soft after-feel.
ArlasilkTM Phospholipid PLN acts as a unique formulation aid by
emulsifying the silicones and removing need for homogenization.
ArlasilkTM Phospholipid SV functions as a novel silicone deposition aid.
Di Water  25.55
Celquat® SC-240 10.30
Ammonium lauryl sulfate (28%)  30.00
Ammonium laureth-2 sulfate (26%)  30.00
Dimethicone 60000 cS  0.80
Dimethicone 350 cS  1.20
ArlasilkTM Phospholipid PLN 24.00
Estol® 3750 32.00
Cetearyl Alcohol  1.00
Monamid® CMA 43.00
ArlasilkTM Phospholipid® SV 51.20
Cetrimonium chloride  0.75
Fragrance  0.20

To water slowly add the Celquat SC-240 with high speed agitation
while heating to 70°C.
When the Celquat SC-240 is dissolved,
add the ammonium
lauryl sulfate and ammonium laureth sulfate
with moderate agitation.
Add dimethicone fluids to ArlasilkTM
Phospholipid PLN,
then add to batch.
When temperature reaches 70°C add Estol 3750,
cetearyl alcohol and Monamid CMA.
Add the ArlasilkTM Phospholipid SV and stir.
Begin cooling to 50°C then add the cetrimonium chloride.
Begin cooling to 45°C, then add colour, fragrance,
and preservative as required.

1 Polyquaterium-10 (National Starch)
2 Linoleamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate
Dimethicone (Uniqema)
3 Glycol Distearate (Uniqema)
4 Cocamide DEA (Uniqema)
5 Stearamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate
(and) Cetyl Alcohol (Uniqema)

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