New anti-acne ingredient

New anti-acne ingredient

Sederma introduces Sebuless, a new multifunctional ingredient designed and demonstrated to mattify and equalise the skin tone of oily and acne-prone skin, in just one month.
InCosmetics 2014 Hamburg April 1-3
Natural ingredients supplier

With a presence in Germany, Hong Kong and China, BioAktive is a German and American owned supplier of ingredients founded by veterans in the pharmaceutical and personal care industries to provide best in class natural ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industries.
Skin hydration improved by plant cell complex

At in-cosmetics 2014-booth 3G57, Naolys, the French company specialised in plant cell culture, will launch an innovative plant cell complex HydraSourcing made of a whole native cell of Argemone mexicana, containing not only its own active molecules but also natural polysaccharids to get a greater effect in skin hydration.
New silicones at in-cosmetics Hamburg

Following last years’ successful launch of the personal care brand KCC Beauty from KCC Silicones and Basildon Chemicals, the next ranges of fine silicone polymers are ready for launch at in-cosmetics Hamburg this year at the brand’s one year anniversary.
Bioengineering for efficacy testing and claim support

Courage + Khazaka electronic has been a world market leader in producing skin testing equipment for more than two decades. The devices measure the whole range of parameters (sebum, moisture, pH, TEWL, elasticity, roughness, colour, gloss, temperature and others) and the scientific instruments have become standard in the R&D

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New senior vice president

New senior vice president

DSM Nutritional Products announces a change in management of its Personal Care Business Unit. Ilona Haaijer who built and led the unit over the past four years has accepted another appointment within DSM.
Heat protection for hair

Heat protection for hair

Hairstyling products with an anti-ageing effect are very much in demand. After years of work in this field, a team of researchers at Bayer MaterialScience has now made a breakthrough in hair care with the waterborne polyurethane dispersion Baycusan C 1008.
Custom masks

Custom masks

Skin care masks allow consumers to focus on specific needs of the epidermis. They are part of a woman’s beauty ritual. Efficient and pleasant to use, their activity targets each kind of skin.
• Sales and technical appointments
• Genetic resource access ruling
• Labelling is ‘confusing’
• Organics summit in New York
• Distributor joins alliance
• Halal ranges


Rejuvenating effect of snow algae analysed

Rejuvenating effect of snow algae analysed

Snow algae powder is a novel anti-ageing ingredient based on an extract of biotechnologically produced snow algae. In cell culture assays, the snow algae extract was found to induce a calorie restriction-mimetic effect by stimulating the expression of the Klotho gene and the activity of the AMPK protein.
Washing and bathing market update

Washing and bathing market update

The washing sector of the personal care market is often viewed as an area lacking in innovation and exciting new product launches. However, during frugal times consumers will often treat themselves to a luxurious bath soak to wash away the daily stresses we all encounter.
What makes a personal care company successful?

What makes a personal care company successful?

Personal care with its artisan beginnings is one of the oldest FMCG industries in existence. The craft began more than 2,000 years ago with skilled artisans producing candles, soaps, and fragrances, very highly valued products by those who could afford them at the time.
Intense moisturising power restores skin balance

Intense moisturising power restores skin balance

The transport of water and solutes in a highly organised structure such as the skin plays an essential role in maintaining its homeostasis and a healthy appearance. Skin moisturisation involves the entire skin structure through active and passive mechanisms.
• Plant stem cells as cosmetic active ingredients
• Searching for youth in marine environments
• Collaboration delivers novel green emulsifier
• Ingredients focus: fragrance technology
• Creating natural fragrances: techniques and processes
• Stabilising retinol in skin care formulations

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Family run with a global reach
Family run with a global reach
Berjé is an SQF Certified, family-owned business that has been in operation for over six decades. The company’s origins and strengths lie in a profound understanding of the supply and quality of the diverse raw materials consumed by the flavour and fragrance industries.


GREENTECH at the crossroad of the worlds...
GREENTECH at the crossroad of the worlds...
The GREENTECH group is a trilogy of worlds: BIOVITIS for the world of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and yeasts), GREENSEA for the marine world and GREENTECH for the plant world.


化粧の外科的処置だけでなく、このようなボツリヌス毒素A型又はヒアルロン酸(HA )の注射など、他の低侵襲性処置の需要が未だに増えている。今日では、科学的に立証された有効成分と臨床的に証明された効果を持つ進歩した塗布処置は、侵襲的な方法の補足処置、またそれに代わるものとして多くの消費者のために出てきております。


Global Cosmetic Compliance Summit
Amsterdam Marriott Hotel
27-29 May 2014

Society of Cosmetics Scientist Singapore SUPPLIERS DAY 2014
Mandarin Orchard Hotel
FRIDAY 18th July 2014

in-cosmetics Brasil 2014
World Trade Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil
9 - 10 September 2014


Men's After Shave Balm J7-1A
Jeen International Corporation
Category: Shaving and Mens Products
This smooth shave balm for men is designed to leave a fresh and smooth sensation after shave.

Hydrating Shampoo Nad050-10-01B
Hallstar Italia Srl
Category: Shampoo
Conditioning shampoo moisturizes your hair as it cleans. Hydrating Shampoo nourishes hair and adds shine with a unique blend of olive-oil-derived Olivem® 400 and Olivem® 300. Gently cleanse and smooth hair without stripping away moisture. This shampoo’s extra soft and smooth formula moisturises and enhances healthy hair conditions.

Cooling Exfoliating Cleanser
Alfa Chemicals Ltd
Category: Exfoliating


Ingredient stimulates hair growth and fights hair loss
AnaGain is based on an extract of pea sprouts. Many health benefits are attributed to pulses, including peas. Pulses belong to the family of fabaceae and are thus rich in isoflavones, a class of polyphenolic secondary plant metabolites. Isoflavones are known to act as phytoestrogens or to exert antioxidant activity.